Be Nurtured with Intimacy and Touch

You are a woman who craves intimacy and touch from your male escort. You want to be nurtured and fulfilled at the same time. You want to feel the warmth of connection and for your heart to beat faster.

You want the company of an empathic, intelligent and good-looking man who is interested in YOU. Someone who makes you feel good about yourself.


male escort central coast

Blake is a good listener, well-read and discreet. He is a male escort for women who is located on the scenic Central Coast, keeps fit through surfing, is a published poet and is a certified sacred sexuality practitioner. He part-owns an airplane that he flies within NSW and to QLD, VIC and SA. He is available for the following:

  • Tantric Massage
  • Bedroom Intimacy
  • Adventure weekends
  • Texting and Phone Calls
  • Dinner, Theatre, Movie and Concert Dates

Being with Blake allows for the following:

  • A safe space.
  • Tantric and sacred sexuality.
  • Welcoming of your emotional release.
  • Respect for your boundaries and needs.

Contact Blake now to arrange a date with your male escort that will leave you feeling beautiful, nurtured and complete. For women only (male partners can witness). Feel the warmth of connection and listen to your heart beat faster. Experience the full pleasure you deserve!


What is Tantric Sex?

Why Women Pay for Sex / Companionship?


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There are many beautiful facets to our Central Coast … here are some of them:

Central Coast for Beaches So many choices … from the tranquillity of Pearl Beach to surf magnets like Macmasters and Forresters, from popular Central Coast beaches like Avoca and Terrigal to the remote isolation of Maitland Bay and Moonee, from the safe swimming at Toowoon Bay to the magic of Copacabana, Killcare and Little Beach – and the freedom and sensuality of the coast’s only legal nude beach.

Central Coast for Spirituality Tend to your spiritual centre through the Totally Active Natural Healing Centre for the mind, body and spirit, the Yoga Studio @ Modern Organic for self-awareness and enlightenment.

Central Coast for Sensuality Imagine having your own Private Hot Spa complete with Tantric Massage, Sacred Sexuality and Bondage with your male escort for women – and a nearby beach where you can legally go completely nude and with your naked body relish the soft white sands, peeling waves, warm waters of the estuary and natural sea pools.

Central Coast for Excitement Take a scenic Joy Flight with your very own male escort for women flying his own plane over the stunning spectacle of Central Coast beaches and lakes or an Aerobatic Flight complete with rolls, loops, stalls and spins, or fly through the Tree Tops or abseil and gallop on horses and …

Central Coast for Luxury Resorts Treat yourself like a famous person at luxury resorts like Bells at Killcare, Pretty Beach House and Kim’s at Toowoon Bay, together with your own ever-discreet and entertaining male escort for women.

Central Coast for Water Activities such as surfing, SUP paddling, jet skiing, boat hire, snorkelling, sunbaking or, for the adventurous, wreck diving the HMAS Adelaide, an ex-Navy warship.

Central Coast for your Appetite with trendy cafés like Modern Organic and Glass Onion Society and Green Tangerine, the enduring famous Charcoal Chicken shop, the Savoy cocktail bar complete with craft beer on tap, an array of wines, cocktails, its own movie theatre and old-fashioned table service – the Distillery Botanica comprising beautiful scented gardens and award-winning spirits and liqueurs.

Central Coast for your Outdoor Escapes Take the spectacular peninsular walk or Maitland Bay track of Bouddi NP, or the Emerald Pool loop walk through Popran NP, the cliff top walk of Wyrrabalong NP or stroll the nearby sand tracks in the shady littoral forest to the lake edges – in the stimulating company of your Central Coast male escort.


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